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Industrial Linkages

According to PEC accreditation manual 2019 the main objective of an engineering institution shall be to have a meaningful impact on the society in which the engineers would practice their profession. To attain this objective industrial & institutional linkages are important and exceptionally productive to each other. This academia-industry linkage not only keep education quality up to date but also motivates students to know industry problems and provide solutions those are not only technically applicable but imparts key role in industry advancement. Implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE) is meant to be useless until the strong bond between academia and industry be developed. In this regard, collaboration between the two has been becoming a critical component for progress of developing nations like Pakistan.

Placement Bureau

“Vision of Quaid-e-Azam College of Engineering and Technology (QCET), Sahiwal is playing a pivotal role in socioeconomic development of the country. QCET, Sahiwal is consistent to encourage and support academia industrial linkages in its own capacity. For this purpose, Placement Bureau Office (PB) was established in QCET, Sahiwal to have effective industrial connections. Its role has been further increased in academia-industry linkage. Two dedicated faculty members from Civil Engineering Department (CED) are working with Placement Bureau Office (PB). It is responsible to organize different activities for QCET, Sahiwal as shown below:
To facilitate students for industrial visits
To invite Professionals for career orientation and development of Student skills
To support & arrange internships for students in summer vacations
To help students in finding final year projects those are industrially relevant & have industrial consultancy.
Assessment / Evaluation of feedback from alumni & employer.
Develop graduates data bank of employment status & professional / educational profile through alumni portal on QCET website.