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Doctor of Pharmacy


At “Quaid-e-Azam College of Pharmacy,”we have highly qualified, well trained and professional faculty consisting of assistant professor, associate professors, lecturers and demonstrators. Our competent faculty members are imparting professional and technical education to pharmacy students. They are striving to the best of their ability to prepare the students for future challenges through the development of communication, problem solving skills, caring, professionalism, innovation, productivity and moral ethics among students.


The approved Pharm.D curriculum has been designed/ formulated to prepare Quality Pharmacists who will have the capacity, up to date knowledge, strong ethical values, behavior, communication, writing & social skills that will enable them to pursue careers in:
Health Department Government of the Punjab: As Drug Inspector, Deputy Drug Controller, Drug Controller, Hospital Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists, Drug testing laboratories, Punjab Forensic Science agency,Drug Regulatory affairs, Consultation etc.
Hospital Pharmacy Services: Pharmacists are offered services for dispensing and compounding of the medicines, drug procurement, distribution and therapeutic monitoring. They advise rational use of drugs and patient managed care with proper training in the relevant fields. They are also working in army hospitals in Pakistan and pharmacy cores outside the country.
Drug Testing Laboratories: These are the services rendered by the Pharmacists in Provincial and Federal Drug Testing Labs by analyzing the drug samples taken from medical stores, pharmacies and Pharma industries.
Academia and Research:As Demonstrator, Research associates, Research and Development.
Pharmaceutical and Herbal Industry: As production managers, QC managers, QA managers, and Procurement, legislation, officers, Marketing, Sales etc.
NGOs: In WHO and others. Community Pharmacy:Community Services Pharmacists also render their services in community pharmacies for handling extemporaneous and non-extemporaneous pharmaceutical products. They relieve the burden on physicians and surgeons. The patient’s counseling and guidance is also looked after by them. They also contribute in EPI and emergency services i.e. poison control, etc.
Drug Information Centers: The rational use of the drugs is the need of the time and the pharmacist in this regard can play very vital role by establishing these centers. People located in any area of this global village may share and have an opinion from the experts. This is surely a new venue for E-commerce as well as service to humanity.
Drug Courts: High profile professionals are essential to constitute the Provincial or Federal Drug Courts as technical members for evaluations of cases and recommendations of penalties according to the Drug Act.

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